This website was founded through our passion for creating and sharing our knowledge to the online community. During our time at school, we never had any proper exposure to the teaching of technology-related subjects. That is why we decided to set out and try to learn as much as we could by ourselves through the wonderful world of the Internet. We are always constantly learning but we also want to share our journey as well. That is why we wanted to create a platform where everyone can be immersed into the amazing world of tech. Anything interesting that we have learned or mastered ourselves, we are always trying to turn that into interesting content for our community to read. Further to us writing our own posts, we frequently open our platform to others who are willing to contribute and share their own projects and ideas too. 

Pawit Kochakarn
  • Aged 20

  • From Thailand

  • Studies Engineering Science at University of Oxford

  • Python and Java experience

  • Aspire to become data engineer/entrepreneur 

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max clark
  • Aged 20

  • From UK

  • Studies Computer Science at University of Cambridge

  • Python and Swift experience

  • Aspire to become software engineer/entrepreneur

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blog contributors
  • Alex Rutherford

    • Studies Engineering Science at University​ of Oxford

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